Sam wasn’t afraid to critique our existing approach, and explain where we were going wrong…that was so valuable! What she created for us was a hundred times more inspiring, and in the end, represented the spirit of our event better than we could have ever expressed ourselves. Don’t hesitate to get her help.

Jennifer Mc, Project Manager


I’m an artist, not a writer! Sam really helped make my ramblings clear, and also pointed out all of the things I was missing, making it represent me and my work better. And she’s nice. That’s important too!

Emily Hogarth, Artist


Sam has done a fantastic job helping my company (and me) express itself to the best of its ability. Sometimes from the inside, we fail to see how things look to outside eyes. Most importantly, she took time to understand where I was coming from, and was committed to making my words sound more like me the whole time.

Georges C, Director


We hired Sam Loves Copy for an afternoon of consulting on our startup business TROVE. Her preparation was very thorough which meant during the time available we were able to focus on the core parts of what we were trying to achieve - very productive. It also helps that she is an idea machine! The big lesson was learning how to understand your audience / customer and consider your brand voice in order to speak to them effectively. We will definitely be using her again! Thanks Sam

Ada O, Founder