I'm a freelance London copywriter who puts passion on the page. 

My Copy

Over the years I have written for established luxury brands as well as young creative companies, so I can slip into a voice that exudes the quintessence of elegance and taste, and also keep it real for that young fresh feel. As you can see, I have comedic charm. And despite all the pastels around here, I'm not afraid to be dry or sarcastic. In fact, I LOVE it.

The consistency in what I produce is colour, wit, and originality.  The consistency in my approach is flexibility and perceptiveness - I get to the bottom of what each brand and their audience truly wants. 

What else does Sam love?

I love walking through this bustling city, in search of the perfect soy latte. I'm an insufferable brunch aficionado (did someone say smashed avocado?). I'm an avid traveller who is obsessed with the Greek Islands, and all the saganaki that goes along with it. I am always way behind on the box set trend (but I'm doing my bit, ep by ep, chill by chill). I own FAR more cosmetics than I could ever use. I like to borrow other people's dogs and take them for walks and then hand them back before they drop biscuits on my carpet. Or worse.